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5 rookie home renovation mistakes you can avoid

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Proper home renovation planning is something every home owner must practice. On top of saving money, homeowners who renovate their homes can expect their homes to increase in value.

Before you start, however, here are 5 home renovation mistakes you must avoid:

  1. Not hiring a contractor

    It is best to seek the help of a contractor right from the start if you are making major home renovations. Attempting to do everything on your own in the hope of saving money could lead to costly mistakes. Remodeling projects, foundation repairs, and tasks like plumbing and electrical work are best left to certified professionals.

    When looking for a contractor, make sure to shortlist your best bets. Inquire about rates, see to it that they can communicate well, and look into their track record with clients.

  2. Not considering unexpected costs

    When renovating, do not expect everything to go according to plan. Be prepared for unforeseen circumstances that could delay work and cost you extra. These include unexpected electrical issues or unaccounted for mistakes when estimating costs.

    To be on the safe side, add about 10 to 20% to your budget to cover contingencies and miscellaneous expenses.

  3. Doing too much at once

    Home renovations should be taken one step at a time. It appears to make sense to have everything done at the same time, but by the same token, too many things can go wrong all at once.

    Don’t take the risk. Focus on one project at a time, especially if it involves major renovations. It’s easier to meet deadlines and stay within budget if you keep your projects separate. It also means being able to use parts of the house even when renovations are ongoing.

  4. Buying materials too early

    Don’t go shopping unless you have things properly planned out. Even if certain items are on sale, resist the temptation. Otherwise, you could end up buying stuff you don’t need and are likely to never use. Instead, put that money into your renovation fund.

    Before you buy, make sure you’ve determined your budget. Get accurate measurements of the rooms you’ll renovate to avoid buying materials of the wrong size and wasting time and money. Also, make a list of what you will need so you can get everything in one trip to the store.

  5. Buying into trends

    When updating the look and style of your home, think about whether the changes you’re making will stand the test of time – or quickly fall out of style.

    Keep in mind that no matter how exciting latest home improvement trends are, they may not meet the tastes of most people. This can be a problem if you plan on reselling your home in the future. So don’t get swept away by trends. Give your home a modern look that is not too quirky, personalized, or trendy.

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