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Relocation Guide

7 Ways the Estabrooks Group Can Help Clients Move to Isla del Sol, Tierra Verde, and St. Pete Beach, FL

Moving is more than just packing your belongings and changing addresses. There are so many details to take care of that it pays to have real estate professionals like the Estabrooks Group help you with the process.

Here are 7 ways Allison and John Estabrooks can help:

  1. Giving packing advice

    There is a science behind packing, and the Estabrooks Group people are experts at that. They can provide genius packing hacks, point out where to find the strongest moving boxes, teach you how to properly throw away toxic items, and more.

  2. Helping you with your checklist

    An organized timeline and to-do list helps in making the most efficient use of time during moving. Estabrooks Group can assist you in putting together this list of what to do before, during, and after moving.

  3. Updating information and documentation

    Moving isn’t only about changing residence but also about changing personal information. Details in personal records like the driver’s license, vehicle registration, and voting registration need to be attended to, as well as bank accounts and subscriptions for cable or internet. The Estabrooks Group can help update these essentials for their clients.

  4. Booking a moving company

    Choosing the right movers can save precious time and money, but finding them is no easy task. The Estabrooks Group can connect clients with the most reliable movers around St. Petersburg, FL. They can also help prepare an inventory sheet and a budget estimate that the movers will need. In addition, they can refer clients to professionals who can handle items from regular household furniture to special items like artworks and decorative pieces.

  5. Getting moving insurance

    Accidents can happen no matter how careful movers are. Boxes can be bumped and fragile items could break during the transfer, and no one can guarantee the safety of possessions. As a top Realtor in St. Petersburg, FL, the Estabrooks Group can help clients find the most comprehensive moving insurance so that they won’t have to fret over possible damages.

  6. Discuss moving costs and deductions

    The Estabrooks Group can help prepare clients financially for any move. They can inform clients about factors affecting moving costs such as travel fees, moving supplies, inventory size, and the moving date. They can also help to minimize costs by having moving expenses deducted from taxes.

  7. Showing them around town

    Nobody knows St. Petersburg like Allison and Dave from the Estabrooks Group. They can acquaint new residents with the neighborhood and recommend the best establishments like restaurants, tourist spots, and hospitals. With the help of the Estabrooks Group, new residents will not have trouble finding their way around.

Moving does not have to be a difficult job. If you’re looking for a top real estate agent in St. Petersburg, FL to help you relocate, contact the Estabrooks Group. With Allison and Dave Estabrooks by your side, you can rest easy. They will also help you find the best real estate properties in Isla del Sol, Tierra Verde, and St. Pete Beach, FL. Contact them today at 727.460.4061 or 727.373.8294. They can also be reached through email at allison(at)eiskey(dotted)com or dave(at)eiskey(dotted)com.