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8 Ways the Estabrooks Group Can Help You Find the Right Property in Isla del Sol, Tierra Verde, and St. Pete Beach

With over 25 years in the business, Allison and Dave Estabrooks of the Estabrooks Group have helped numerous buyers find the kind of property they’ve been looking for.

Clients know firsthand that this husband-and-wife team will leave no stone unturned when it comes to delivering exactly what they ordered – whether it’s a primary home, a second home, a vacation property, or a real estate investment opportunity,

Here are eight reasons the Estabrooks Group is the most trusted name in real estate in Isla del Sol, Tierra Verde, and St. Pete Beach, three of Florida’s most desirable communities.

  1. Education and expertise

    As atop real estate professional in his field, Dave Estabrooks knows how to help clients anticipate the next step in the entirety of the home buying process. On top of his excellent communication skills, Dave’s expertise covers everything from negotiations to documentation. This is why clients need not worry with him at the helm of things.

  2. Market and neighborhood knowledge

    Real estate market conditions in St. Pete Beach, Isla del Sol, Tierra Verde and St. Petersburg, FL are Dave’s specialty. He knows these communities by heart and keeps clients on top of the market situation for them to make more educated decisions. From the best beach properties in St. Pete Beach within the client’s budget to go-to restaurants in downtown St. Petersburg, Dave is the community expert.

  3. Connect you to trusted lenders

    Dave can connect clients with a trusted lender who can get them pre-approved for a mortgage. Pre-approval is crucial in determining how much you can spend on a home purchase. The process involves having a lender take a close look at your finances, including your income, assets, and credit score. Serious buyers should make pre-approval a top priority so they don’t waste their time searching for homes they can’t afford. Pre-approval also proves your financial soundness and your trustworthiness to sellers who will be more willing to negotiate with you.

  4. Getting the right price

    Dave knows St. Petersburg properties like the back of his hand. Because of this, he can give clients tips on how to negotiate for the house of their dreams at a price that’s well within their budget.

  5. Negotiation skills

    An expert communicator like Dave can handle contract negotiations with sellers. He saves you the trouble of letting your emotions get the best of you over a deal. He can tackle difficult negotiations with objectivity and a cool mindset so that an agreement can be reached that’s amenable to all.

  6. Professional networking

    Real estate professionals have a wide network of fellow agents, architects, appraisers, and other service providers to meet the wide-ranging needs of their clients. This is the kind of network Dave has built in the years he has been in the business. He can refer clients to people he can trust to deliver the goods and services they need.

  7. Paperwork

    First-time buyers can find the amount of paperwork needed to purchase a home overwhelming. Dave deals with these documents regularly, so he can easily walk clients through them. This saves his clients time and eliminates confusion and guesswork. It pays to have an experienced professional like Dave handle your home buying needs.

  8. Answering questions after closing

    Dave’s services don’t end once you land your dream home. He can help you with tasks you didn’t think a real estate professional would provide like making copies of important documents, looking up possible tax deductions, and even introducing clients to neighbors.

Anybody looking to buy property in Tierra Verde or Isla del Sol can get in touch with Dave Estabrooks for the best service. Call him today at (727) 373-8294 or by email at dave(at)eiskey(dotted)com.