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Beachfront / Waterfront Homes

Florida real estate is synonymous to beachfront and waterfront homes. And in the Tampa Bay area, you are treated to a wide selection of these properties with a calming view.

Whether you are looking for a beachfront home or you are more for a house by the Intracoastal Waterway type of person, the communities of St. Petersburg, the Beaches, and Tierra Verde have plenty of options to offer.

A Beachfront/Waterfront Property is a Great Choice

Homes by the water, whether a single-family home or a condo, are generally more expensive than their counterparts located further inland. But despite the costs, there are many reasons why a beachfront or waterfront home makes a great investment. The following make excellent cases on why you should buy a waterfront or beachfront house.

  • Significant returns on your investment. Beachfront and waterfront homes are highly valued and coveted, especially in the Florida real estate market. If you choose to invest in one that is ideally located (and you take care of it), you can reap generous returns from your beachfront or waterfront property.
  • Potential income stream. If you are only using your beachfront or waterfront home several times a year, you should consider turning it into a short-term vacation rental. By doing so, you will create a stream of additional, passive income. And in a place such as the Tampa Bay area, vacation rentals are quite in demand.
  • Beach or water access. The primary reason many choose to invest in a beachfront or waterfront home is that it caters to their lifestyle. And in places like the Tampa Bay area, beachfront or waterfront living is simply the dream for many.

Special Considerations in Buying a Waterfront/Beachfront Home

Dealing with waterfront or beachfront real estate requires extra level of care and finesse. Here are some of the considerations you should bear in mind as you look for the property that meets your needs.

  • Work with a waterfront specialist. Like every other property, beachfront and waterfront homes present their own set of challenges. You need a realtor with extensive experience in this market to close a successful transaction.
  • Look at the whole property. The house may be the focal point, but when looking at beachfront and waterfront homes, consider the whole property.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions. How close is it to the water? Does the property use the land well? Is there a possibility of erosion or flood in the area? Can you make any changes? If yes, what are the permits you need to secure?

  • Match your lifestyle or purpose. Find a property that meets your needs and preferences. If you are a boater, look for a home with a private dock or even access to one. If a view is all you need, why not take a look at water-view homes instead?

When it comes to beachfront and waterfront homes, there are many options in the Tampa Bay area. David and Allison Estabrooks can help you consider all your choices.

Contact the Estabrooks Group today to learn more about waterfront homes and beachfront homes for sale in St. Petersburg, FL.