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Beach Lifestyle

There is nothing quite like having the beach as your backyard. It changes your state of mind, makes you feel at ease. And on a perfect sunny day in the Tampa Bay area, you just can’t wait to take a dip and let your mind wander.

Living on the Beach is Simply the Best

Whether you long to be constantly on the water or you are simply in it for the stunning views, everyone one can agree to this truth: nothing compares to living on the beach. But if you are not entirely convinced, here are a couple of reasons why the beach lifestyle will change your life.

  1. Life will slow down. Tired and constantly stressed because of the fast-paced city life? Living on the beach is your antidote. As the waves gently lap along the shoreline, time will gradually slow down. All your senses will be treated. You will be revitalized.

    Because of the slow pace, many relocate from the city to the beach. But in the Tampa Bay area, you can still enjoy the slow-paced lifestyle while enjoying city conveniences whenever you like. The constant change of pace will be good for you.

  2. Adventures are always around the corner. If you are craving adrenaline, living on the beach offers plenty of recreational pursuits. Hop on a boat and go sailing or deep-sea fishing. Take the plunge in local diving spots and swim with marine life. See where the wind takes you as you kite-surf.

    Don’t want to get wet? How about a volleyball or football match on the beach? The Tampa Bay area is also home to a vast network of trails, some even passing through lush wildlife areas and nature preserves. Hike, bike, run− the things you can do when you live on the beach are endless.

  3. You will have time for yourself. These days, self-care is incredibly important. Living on the beach gives you plenty of opportunities to spend time with yourself. This way, you can get introspective, know yourself better, and meditate to your heart’s content.

Aside from these benefits to your overall well-being, living on the beach can be a sound real estate investment.

Beach properties are always highly coveted, especially in communities along the Tampa Bay coastal area. You can turn a beach home into your primary residence, a summer home, and when it is not being used, a vacation rental. With the latter, you can even potentially earn a steady stream of passive income.

The Estabrooks Group will Help You Get Started on the Beach Life

David and Allison Estabrooks know what sheer joy it is to find your dream beach home in St. Petersburg, Tierra Verde, and the Beaches.

They can help you get started on that dream life on the beach. Contact the Estabrooks Group today at (727) 373-8294 or fill this form here to schedule a consultation. Once you get in touch, you will unlock beachfront homes for sale in St. Petersburg, FL.