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Vacation Homes

When it comes to vacation homes, there is no place better to invest than Florida. The state receives plenty of sun all year round, its coasts lined with powdery beaches and aquamarine waters.

St. Petersburg, the Beaches, and Tierra Verde are prime locations if you’re thinking of purchasing your own vacation home. The benefits, as well as some tips, are all listed down below.

Vacation Properties in Florida Ooze Potential

Florida is one of the top destinations in the country for getaways. It only makes sense to invest in a vacation home here. The following reasons will also convince you to make the purchase.

  • Flexibility. Having a vacation property in a place you often visit allows you to plan trips without having to worry about hotel or resort bookings. You also get to rest easy, knowing what to expect in your property.
  • Equity and tax advantages. If you’re interested in diversifying your investment portfolio and building equity, a vacation home is a great choice.
  • Additional income. A lot of vacation homes in Florida are rented out while it’s not being used. This is an avenue you might want to explore should you think of earning passive income. Short-term rentals offer more flexibility, while long-term rentals provide more stability.
  • Safety net. When it is time for you to retire, your vacation home in Florida can easily be turned into the place where you can enjoy your golden years.

What to Consider When Buying a Vacation Home

Although your vacation property will only be used a couple of times a year, you want to make sure it is worth the investment. Here are several factors to consider as you search the Florida housing market for your dream vacation home.

  • The location. The most important factor to consider is your prospective vacation home’s location. Is the neighborhood accessible and safe? Is it located near services, shops, and dining options? What are the other commercial development located in the area? Is the housing market relatively stable? Ask a local real estate specialist to get the 411.
  • Exposure to elements. If you are thinking of purchasing a waterfront property or a beach home, take note of its exposure to elements. Seawater, salt, wind, and weather can provide some challenges. Look up relevant property insurances to safeguard your investment.
  • Seasonality. Take note of the crowds your chosen area attracts, as well as the peak and the lean season of the community. This is vital, as it helps you set your expectations regarding peace and solitude. This information is also useful if you plan to turn your vacation property into a vacation rental.

Explore Vacation Homes in St. Petersburg

Florida is the best place to buy a vacation home. Just ask David and Allison of Estabrooks Group. They would be delighted to take you on a grand tour of St. Petersburg, Tierra Verde, and the Beaches so you can find the vacation property you’ve always dreamt of.

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