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As you search for your dream home in Florida, you might come across several condos for sale in St. Petersburg, the Beaches, and Tierra Verde.

Condos offer alternative living arrangements for individuals who want to live in their own space and in an enviable location. But first, what exactly is a condo and is condo living right for you?

Condo 101

Condominiums, more popularly known as “condos,” are one of the most popular property types in the United States, particularly in urban sprawls all across the country.

What separates a condo from a single-family home is that it shares walls with another “unit” or two. This unit is part of a much larger building or complex, which features common amenities and areas maintained by the building administrator.

Condos are often confused with apartments, and that is because some condos are developed to function like apartments. Both share walls with other residences and are housed in a larger building. The key difference lies in the ownership. A condo unit is usually owned by an individual, while apartments are leased out to tenants.

Is the Condo Lifestyle for You?

Many home buyers are discovering the allures of living in condos. After all, they are often ideally located in central neighborhoods. Restaurants, shopping, attractions, and public transportation are all within reach in such communities. But despite the convenience, living in a condo is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Living in a condo can be a great option for you if you are:

  • Fine with leaving building upkeep to other people. Not having to worry about regular maintenance and upkeep is one of the major perks of living in a condo. All you need to do is fulfill your monthly dues, usually collected by the homeowner’s association.
  • Constantly on the go. Since minimal upkeep is required, it is easier for you to travel and leave your condo for longer periods of time. Condo buildings also often have their own reliable security systems, which can be an added layer of protection to your home.
  • Not too bent on customization. Unlike living in a single-family home, there is lesser freedom in customizing your condo. While you have control about everything inside your unit, you cannot change the exterior walls of the building itself or start a garden without consulting the HOA.
  • Love to socialize. The common areas and amenities of condos are great, safe spaces to make friends and build your network. This is even more helpful for residents who are looking to establish deep connections or find someone new.

The Best Condos in Florida’s Gulf Coast

If condo living is what you seek, you have come to the right place. The Floridian gulf coast’s housing market is home to a wide variety of condos for an equally wide range of budgets and lifestyles.

Explore condos in Tierra Verde, as well as condos for sale in Isla del Sol and St. Pete Beach with David and Allison Estabrooks today. Get in touch with them here.