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Easy ways to prep your home for sale

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Before you put up your home on the market for sale, it is highly recommended to make a couple of improvements to the property. Aside from making the house look better overall, these small projects can also encourage prospective buyers to make an attractive offer.

Here are five simple ways you can enhance your home before its sale.

  1. Spruce up its curb appeal.

    You might be familiar with the old adage, “first impressions matter.” This saying is especially relevant when it comes to home sales. You will want the property to put its best foot forward, and one of the best ways to do so is by improving its overall curb appeal.

    A simple trim of the plants in the front yard can do wonders to the home.

    Flowering plants, blooming just in time for the sale, also boost the curb appeal. The absence of weeds makes the home look clean and looked after. A fresh coat of paint on the walls and the door, perhaps in a different color, can also be a welcome improvement.

  2. Remove unnecessary clutter.

    Clutter in home staging gives the impression the property is inviting and lived in. Too much clutter, however, can make the home look dirty. Pare down these items and leave only those that enhance the overall look of the space.

    Since you will be showing your home to prospective buyers, it would also be best to remove any personal clutter and belongings. Coffee table books, a vase with fresh flowers, and some art on the walls are enough.

  3. Clean every nook and cranny of the home.

    The good kind of clutter does help in making the house look clean and put together, but it will not be of much use if the property itself is dirty. No buyer wants to look into a home where surfaces are coated in dust. Smells, as well as grime and stains, also deter the house from “putting its best foot forward.”

    A deep clean of the property will get rid of all these unwanted elements and make sure it is indeed ready for the sale. This checklist will help you get started.

  4. Stage the home.

    Home staging is a great step to take. It highlights the best spaces in the house. It also invites home buyers to come and see how a certain room can be utilized. It even helps them envision what it is like to live in your house, which can help them decide whether to make an offer or otherwise.

    You can ask a professional home stager to dress up the property. Alternatively, if you are confident with your eye for interior design, you can also have a go at it. Home staging does not need extensive work− fresh bed sheets, linens, towels on the bathrooms, and lighting can significantly impact the look of a room.

  5. Fix what needs to be fixed.

    Broken roof tiles, leaks, small holes, and worn-out hardware in the kitchen and bathroom− these are some of the things you need to find and address before you sell the house. Patch up holes, replace what needs to be replaced, and fix what needs to be fixed to make sure you are selling a property in good working order.

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