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How to relocate homes with children

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Moving homes with children, especially small kids, might be a challenging task, but it is not impossible to conquer. Here are several tips that will help you finish the move successfully with the young ones.

  1. Prep the whole family.

    Moving to a new home can be a confusing process for smaller kids. It is important to brief all members of the family about this change. To make it easier to accept, frame it as an exciting adventure the whole family is about to take.

    Setting expectations before moving day also helps manage the children. Let them get involved with the plan, particularly those in the bunch who can help you, whether it is to pack and move things or look after his or her siblings.

    By making your children a part of the whole process, you will be able to pick up anxiety triggers ahead of time, address these issues, and ease them into their new home smoothly.

  2. Delegate tasks to older children.

    If you have older kids, do not be afraid to give them some responsibility on moving day. Assign tasks that fit their capabilities. For instance, ask him or her to look after the family pet or the younger sibling throughout the entire move.

    Ask your children to pack their own overnight bags with the essentials: toiletries, underwear, a change of clothes or two, vitamins and medicine, and their preferred form of entertainment, whether it be a favorite gadget or a book.

  3. Pack a special bag for the younger children.

    Smaller kids can be extremely susceptible to anxiety, especially on a potentially stress-filled day. You can help them relax by packing a special bag filled with their most prized possessions, from toys to other familiar and comforting objects.

    Alternatively, you can keep them preoccupied with a tablet installed with age-appropriate games and apps. If you have a baby, however, the best route would be to leave him or her with people you trust.

  4. Plan a fun activity after the move.

    Moving is also stressful for the kids. Having something fun and exciting to look forward to can help alleviate the anxiety. It might even encourage them to be proactive come moving day.

    If you are moving relatively close to a beach or an outdoor recreation area, schedule an outing shortly after the move. It can also be as simple as treating the children to ice cream or their favorite snacks after a day of relocating.

  5. Explore the neighborhood together.

    Help the kids settle into their new home by going around the neighborhood together. Take them to the nearest attractions and amenities, such as playgrounds, parks, and hiking trails, so they can get acquainted with their new home.

    You can explore the new neighborhood by car, or better yet, on a bike or on foot. This will allow them to truly get a feel of the community. They might even get a chance to introduce themselves to the kids in the area and get to play.

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