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4 things to consider when buying a beachfront home

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Sunny skies, a laidback vibe, and sparkling waters as far as the eye can see. These are some of the reasons people dream of owning a house by the beach.

However, there are a couple of things to think about before you start living the dream.

Here are a few things to consider when looking for beachfront homes for sale in St. Petersburg, FL:

Hire a real estate agent

One surefire way to get the best beachfront home is to work with a top real estate agent. Find someone who can show you the most sought-after beachfront homes in the area. They should also be able to inform you about how long a house has been on the market, what type of foundation it has, and even if home values in the area are appreciating or depreciating.

Check out their online reviews. How long have they been selling beachfront homes? What do past clients have to say about their service and negotiating skills? How well do they guide their clients to enable them to make informed buying decisions?


What are the must-haves and nice-to-haves when it comes to buying a beachfront home in a place like St. Petersburg? Make sure the location meets your needs and expectations. Not only should the beach be within walking distance, but you may want amenities like grocery stores and hospitals nearby – or be within easy access to the downtown area.

Homes in Isla del Sol provide a convenient route to St. Petersburg via Pinellas Bayway then connecting to Interstate 275. You can also get to historic Fort De Sorto Park via State Highway 679 and to the gorgeous St. Pete Beach by driving down State Highway 699.

It would also be helpful to check if there are any big developments on the way. Most people would not want the views of their beach paradise blocked by highrise buildings or their privacy compromised by commercial development.

Get a home inspection

It is especially important to order a home inspection on a beachfront home. The salty air is especially corrosive and, if applicable, you would want to know the extent of flooding or storm damage on a property you’re interested in.

A professional home inspector specializing in beachfront homes will know what to look for when they asses the house. They’ll take a look at the condition of the home’s foundation and electrical wiring.

If your inspector finds significant damage due to flooding, it’s best to walk away and look at another property.


You must take the weather into account when buying a beachfront home.

Find out if the materials used are weather-proof like reinforced concrete for foundation walls, naturally durable lumber for flooring, and waterproof mortar for ceilings. Homes made out of these materials can withstand direct contact with floods, heavy rains, and strong winds without sustaining major damage.

On the other hand, using materials like vinyl for flooring and non-alkali resistant materials for the foundation of a beachfront home is not recommended.

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